Bell Creek Stanislaus National Forest


Bell Creek Stanislaus National Forest

Bell Creek flows through a meadow filled with shooting star wildflowers

Bell Creek and Lily Creek merge to create the upper headwaters of the Clavey River. Bell Creek begins in the western slope of the Sierra in the Emigrant Wilderness. Along its course to form the Clavey, it flows throught Bell Meadow.

Wild rainbow trout populate  Bell Creek in California

A wild population of rainbows inhabitats the Clavey and to a lesser extent Bell Creek. A significant brook trout population took hold in this creek, although in my recent fishing trip to the upper portion of the creek I found only rainbows.

Snow plant surface throughout the meadow surrounding Bell Creek California

Bell Meadow straddles the border between the Emigrant Wilderness and the Stanislaus National Forest. Bell Meadow has the largest quaking aspen stand in the southern Sierra. This meadow grows abundant with wildflowers in the early summer (as photograph at the top of the page illustrates with the thousands of shooting stars) and is spectacular in mid-autumn when the leaves turn yellow and gold.

A grove of quaking aspen and white-trunk trees can be found along or near Bell Creek

The largest aspen stands are extensive and well developed. Bell Meadow is an excellent summer range for Sierra mule deer. The riparian habitat allows for forage, breeding sites, and protection for many other animals including more than sixty species of birds.