California Hydropower Licenses - Future River Restoration Projects?

"The hydropower licensing process offers a unique opportunity to restore balance to California's most treasured rivers and streams. In the next fifteen years, over 150 dams will apply for new operating licenses. California has entered a critical era -- a time when we have tremendous opportunity to restore a cherished resource, our public rivers."

- A Citizen's Guide to River Restoration through Hydropower Reform by Friends of the River & the California Hydropower Reform Coalition

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California Hydro License Renewal Map

Case Study - Klamath River

Groups such as Friends of the River have been working with Native American tribes and fisherman to restore the Klamath River and reverse the recent declines of salmon. Their focus - PacificCorp - the owner and operator of 4 dams along the upper stretches of the Klamath. These dams block salmon from 350 miles of their spawning habitat, lower instream flows, raise water temperature and ultimately result in blooms of toxic algae further upstream. The poor management of this river habitat has nearly collapsed the salmon stocks. (Coho salmon are listed as threatened on the Klamath.) The 2006 salmon season opened with severe fishing restrictions along 700 miles of the Oregon and California coastline hurting the commerical fishermen.

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