The Upper Clavey River


Sights along the Clavey River

The Clavey River rolls through arock walled canyon.

Portions of the upper Clavey River flow through a narrow canyon. Getting around becomes tricky, but it's possible to walk-wade this river to get around the steeper rock faces.

A wild rainbow trout caught in the Clavey River

Notice how well this trout's dorsal fin blends into the granite boulder next to him. Here the black spotting is the ideal cover.

Fly casting to a native trout in the Clavey River

Calm, glassy pools will open up and casting to trout is easier from positions downstream and parallel to the flow. The rainbows in the Clavey are extremely opportunistic.

A wild rainbow trout caught and released in the Clavey River

As I said, these trout are opportunistic. Your fly selection on the Clavey is far less important than how you present it. Getting a elk hair caddis drifted above a trout within a couple of feet will produce a lightening-fast grab.

Boulders along the Clavey River

Sun-baked, rocky canyons morph into tree-covered, shady sections with a wide variety of wildflowers.