Golden Trout Wilderness

Peak angling activiy happens in July, August, and September. The ice-out period (e.g., late June to early July) is optimal for actively feeding trout and fewer people. The fishing season opens July 1 in the Golden Trout Wilderness and snow typically closes the area by October.



Wilderness Permits

Permits are required for all overnight trips into the Golden Trout Wilderness. For more information about entering the Golden Trout Wilderness through Sequoia National Forest go here. Otherwise, if you plan to enter through the Inyo National Forest visit the Inyo National Forest site. Note: A quota is in effect for the Cottonwood Pass Trail which originates out of Inyo. This quota applies to all overnight visitors and remains in effect from the last Friday in June through September 15.

Bears & Your Food

The Inyo National Forest has a forest order which is effective within the Golden Trout Wilderness. It prohibits storing any food or refuse unless stored in a bear-proof container or in another manner designed to keep bears from gaining access to the food or refuse.

The National Forests recommend bear-resistant canisters and panniers as the best methods of food storage in the Golden Trout Wilderness.


Native Fish of the Golden Trout Wilderness

California's Golden Trout Wilderness is home to three unique forms of native trout, and you'll find descriptions for each of these trout in my Ebook - Native Fish of the Golden Trout Wilderness.

Information found in Fly Fishing the Golden Trout Wilderness will help

For thousands of years, a population of rainbow trout adapted and evolved in the drainages of the Golden Trout Wilderness. Since then, three unique subspecies of rainbow trout, collectively referred to as golden trout, emerged within the upper Kern River basin. These golden trout are: California golden trout, Kern River rainbow trout, and Little Kern golden trout.

Whether your goal is completing the California Heritage Trout Challenge, or just finding some of the Southern Sierra Nevada's most scenic stretches of water to wet a line, Native Fish of the Golden Trout Wilderness will help you reach your goal.

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Fly Fishing the Golden Trout Wilderness in California

Golden Trout Refuge

The Golden Trout Wilderness encompasses over 300,000 acres along the southern Sierra Nevada in California. Roughly one-third of this area lies within the Sequoia National Forest and the rest in neighboring Inyo National Forest. Within the Golden Trout Wilderness is the North Fork of the Kern River, the drainage of the Little Kern River as well as over 100 miles of high-country streams. The uniqueness of this place comes from both the quality of the wilderness and the variety of wild trout found here.

California Golden Poster photographed underwater by Michael Carl

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The Waters of the Golden Trout Wilderness

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