Lake Alpine

Processed Food for Planted Fish

The trout just love this stuff. Especially in small pellet shapes.


Directions to Lake Alpine

From Stockton

From Highway 99 (just south of Stockton), take Highway 4 East toward Angel's Camp. Continue driving east on Highway 4, pass the town of Angel's Camp to the resort town of Bear Valley. Lake Alpine is right out the road on the south side about 3 miles east of Bear Valley.

Fly fishing California Highway 4


Lake Alpine - 2011 Fishing Trip

Floating Lake Alpine

Covering the structure near shore with a float tube or pontoon boat is the most productive way to go on Lake Alpine. The depth that these trout will hold in will vary depending on water temp and food. As the water cools in late summer, the majority of the fish will hold in the upper (above 10 feet) part of the water column.

Rainbow Trout from Lake Alpine

Historically, Lake Alpine gets heavy stocked with trout. When money is tight, like the past 5 years, budgets shrink and the trout stocked along with it. This summer it appears the trucks have been back to Alpine. In fact, I overheard an older guy say, "I follow the planting reports. I read Alpine got stocked with fish on Monday. I usually wait a day and then fish the lake. After a week, most of the fish get caught." Well, at least the stupid ones.

Trees reflected on claim waters of  Lake Alpine

Based on the old guys comments, we timed it just right. I fished with 3 other buddies and the four of us totaled about 100 fish caught and released that day. The fishing on Lake Alpine can be like that. So if you like to get big numbers, I would listen to the advise of the old guy and read the planting reports before hitting Lake Alpine.

Rainbow Trout released back into Lake Alpine