Sights along the Stanislaus River

A wild rainbow caught in the Lower Stanislaus River California.

The lower Stan is managed as a wild trout fishery and as such is a zero-limit, catch and release water. The payoff - seeing the deep colors and spotting of these rainbows when you bring one to hand.

The dramatic cliffs of Goodwin Canyon in the background as a fly angler fishes a run.

Unlike the stretch of river flowing just below Goodwin Dam, the Two Mile Bar access opens into a much wider canyon. You'll find some big wide runs just upstream of the parking lot. And for me, coming here feels like a trip to the canyon lands of the American Southwest - complete with big vultures circling the uplifts from the steep cliff faces.

The moon raises over the oak studded hillside about the Lower Stanislaus.

The Army Corp of Engineers acquired rights to the Two Mile Bar public access. The access is surrounded by private ranch land and the hillsides are dotted with oak trees like this.

A typical rainbow in the Two Mile Bar section.

Caught and released this guy straight down the trail leading from the parking lot at Two Mile Bar.

A fly angler working a nice run on the Lower Stan.

Wading at flows below 500 cfs on this stretch of Two Mile Bar can offer good opportunities to cover the "other side" of the river.