Native Trout Waters of California

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Native Trout Waters of California

Native Trout Waters of California

The Native Trout Waters of California details the state's most scenic, diverse, and significant native trout fisheries. In fact, the California Fish and Game Commission designated these fisheries as California Heritage Trout waters. The details the following waters:

  • Clavey River
  • Eagle Lake
  • Golden Trout Creek
  • Heenan Lake
  • Little Kern River
  • South Fork Smith River
  • Upper Kern River
  • Upper Truckee River

The key ingredient to the state's designation and my motivation for writing this book is of course the unique species of trout residing in each of the above places. Each of these lakes or streams hold only indigenous strains of native trout. The various native trout are:

  • Coastal rainbow trout (Clavey River)
  • Eagle Lake rainbow trout (Eagle Lake)
  • California golden trout (Golden Trout Creek)
  • Lahontan cutthroat trout (Heenan Lake & Upper Truckee River)
  • Little Kern golden trout (Little Kern River)
  • Coastal cutthroat trout (South Fork Smith River)
  • Kern River rainbow trout (Upper Kern River)

About the Book

The book's chapters describe each of the waters listed above. Each chapter includes:

  • Background - an overview of the watershed and its significance
  • Description of Native Trout
  • Stream Population
  • Regulations
  • Access
  • Area Map
  • Directions and Trail Description
  • Fishing Techniques including leaders and fly patterns