From Missoula Montana

From Missoula head east on I-90 for about 21 miles. Take exit 126 for Rock Creek Road and turn right onto Rock Creek Road. This road runs the length of Rock Creek.


My Rock Creek Fishing Fortune

Walking out of my motel room, an older man sporting big wrap-around sunglasses greeted me with a tight smile. He was drinking his comp-cup of motel room coffee outside - in the warming sun. Now, I never met this man. And I certainly had no idea he was about to forecast my day. Maybe I missed the "Your Fortune Told Here" sign outside his door.

17 inch rainbow taken on a golden stone nymph

He directed me to head for the Microburst. When the wind blows hard enough through a mountain valley to push over healthy, mature conifers -- that's a microburst. I wonder what qualifies as a marcoburst? I bet someone in the mid-west might have an idea.

Site of the Rock Creek Microburst.

Regardless of what the wind burst did there, I can atest that it didn't impact the fishing. I bet my motel-fortune-teller knew that as well. The effectiveness of a fishing prophecy depends greatly on location. Hell, microburst makes it all the better.

Rock Creek brown trout.

What was my fishing prophecy? Excellent early summer hatches of salmonflies, golden stoneflies, and a mix of caddisflies for good measure. Besides location, a successful fishing prophecy pivots on the availability of bugs - lots and lots of bugs.

A drift boat floating Rock Creek in late June.

The final act as told by my sunglass sporting prophet - My son, you'll catch browns, rainbows, cutthroats and at least one cut-bow.. With my day foretold, I walked the short distance to the drive-up coffee stand next to the motel. I picked up a large brew and a chunk of coffee-cake. As I rode out in the early morning light, I saw my day unfolding right in front of me.

Rock Creek Westslope cutthroat.