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Planning a trip to the Upper Truckee River? Get scientific based angling intel in The EcoAngler Report - Upper Truckee River.

The EcoAngler Report - Upper Truckee River

Detailed information on the Upper Truckee's native Lahontan cutthroat populations along with a map and directions to access this wild High Sierra river can be purchased here.

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The Upper Truckee River

Lahontan cutthroat were reintroduced to the headwaters of the Upper Truckee River in Meiss Meadows in the late 1980's and early 1990's through a cooperative effort between the California Department of Fish and Game, US Forest Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Lahontan Cutthroat Trout from Truckee River

Before the Lahontans could move back in, the non-native brook trout had to be evicted. However successful the chemical treatment would be, it is suspected that brook trout were illegally introduced back into the Meiss Meadow area.

A nice punge pool on the Upper Truckee

Since that time brook trout removal has occurred by utilizing manual electrofishing methods. Happily, recent survey efforts in 2007 did not uncover any brook trout in the headwaters. Today, the Meiss Meadow population is one of the only high-elevation meadow populations of Lahontans in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

Native Lahontans occupy the Upper Truckee River south of Lake Tahoe.

Besides craddling a healthy population of stream resident Lahontans, the Upper Truckee basin is situated in a popular alpine meadow. The popularity of Meiss Meadows is not hard to understand given the scenery and proximity to South Lake Tahoe.

The Upper Truckee River can be reached by hiking from a trailhead near Carson Pass.

The Upper Truckee River also happens to be the largest source of clean water flowing into Lake Tahoe. Furthermore, this watershed provideds excellent habitat for the willow flycatcher and raptors such as peregrine falcons and bald eagles.

Lahontan cutthroat trout ranged in the Uppwe Truckee River.