East Walker River

The East Fork of the Walker from Bridgeport Dam to Nevada State Line is a year round fishery. Use only barbless hooks and the fishing season from November 16 through the last Friday in April is Zero-Limit.


Drought & the EF Walker River

Drought impact on East Fork Walker River The Drought puts a HURT on the Walker.



From Bridgeport, California From U.S. 395, take Highway 182 and drive northeast along Bridgeport Reservoir, and continue past the dam. The road runs along the southside of the river from the dam to the first bridge. Access is available just off of 182.


East Fork of the Walker River

East Walker River brown trout grow large in this rich tailwater fishery

East Walker River accumulates waters from Virginia, Robinson, Buckeye, Swauger, Green, and Summer creeks all of which are upstream of Bridgeport Valley. In Bridgeport Valley, Bridgeport Dam and Reservoir were built in 1923 to store water for ranching and farming. Downstream from the reservoir, the East Walker flows for approximately seven miles before it enters Nevada.

Fly Fishing East Walker River Angler nets large brown trout

Flows Can Vary Greatly

The average annual combined flow of the collection tributaries into Bridgeport Reservoir for the period 1939 through 1993 was 132,000 af. For the same period, the average discharge from Bridgeport Dam to East Walker River was 107,000 af. The demands of downstream agriculture has resulted in considerable variability in water flow from the dam. As a result, it's important to know the current and prior flows when fishing the East Walker.

Trout Species

Just so there's no debating who rules these currents - Brown trout are king in this river. In the East Walker River the major prey of large brown trout are tui chubs, and other fish including smaller trout.

East Walker River common carp grow large in this rich tailwater fishery

Carp get big in this tailwater as well. I personally hooked and landed a common carp weighing over three pounds (pictured above) while pulling a size six streamer along the bottom of a deep pool. The angler will also find a significant number of rainbow trout.

East Walker River Angler