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The EcoAngler Report

Planning to fish Eagle Lake? Get scientific based angling intel in The EcoAngler Report - Eagle Lake.

The EcoAngler Report - Eagle Lake

Detailed information on Eagle's large native rainbows favorite foods along with detailed maps of where to fish and essential fishing techniques can be purchased here.

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California's Native Fish Crisis

Caltrout Issues Report on Native Fish CrisisCalTrout issues a detailed status report of California native fish. Warning: Large PDF File.


Eagle Lake Trout

Richard displays a nice Eagle Lake Trout
Photo of Richard Wildermuth with Eagle Lake rainbow taken on a fly

Eagle Lake trout are a unique subspecies of rainbow trout. It's been suggested that Eagle Lake rainbow trout were descended from introduced or immigrant rainbow trout from either the Feather or Pit River drainages. It's presumed that rainbow trout colonized Eagle Lake via upper Pine Creek and an ancient connection with a tributary of the Pit River.

16 inch Eagle Lake rainbow

Planted Outside of California

In the 1940s, the lake’s water levels receded and fisheries managers feared the native trout may go extinct. To support the population, a weir was installed on Pine Creek in the 1950s to trap Eagle Lake rainbow trout. These trout provided a brood stock to raise more fish for both Eagle Lake and beyond.

Eagle Lake trout are planted in many lakes and steams throughout California from hatchery stocks annually captured at the Pine Creek egg collecting station and from brood stock. These trout have been exported to other states and to Canada. The angler is not likely to find naturally reproducing populations of pure Eagle Lake trout in planted waters beyond Eagle Lake. Important side-note: only Eagle Lake trout caught from the Eagle Lake drainage qualify for the California Heritage Trout Challenge.

Eagle Lake Rainbow Trout

Due to healthy sources of prey (e.g., tui chub) and rapid growth rates, adult Eagle Lake rainbows typically excess three pounds in size. Large size and hard fighting, Eagle Lake rainbow trout are prized sport fish and are stocked into numerous waters across California including Lake Davis.