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Researching the McCloud Redband? Get scientific based angling intel in The EcoAngler Report - McCloud Redband.

The EcoAngler Report - McCloud Redband

Detailed information on it's range along with a map and directions to put you in reach of this native redband can be purchased here.

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Mykiss Stonei

McCloud River Redband Trout photographed underwater.

A blown opportunity for the Wintun Tribe, Livingston Stone and a fish called mykiss stonei


McCloud River Redband Trout

McCloud River Redband Trout photographed underwater.

McCloud River redband trout are native rainbow trout with a brick-red band on their sides that dwell in the McCloud River watershed. They taxonomic history is clouded by the introduction of nonnative strains of rainbow trout and by limited connections to populations from the Sacramento River. To make matters more confusing, Sheepheaven Creek, a tributary to the McCloud River, contains a population of redband trout that may deserve separate subspecific designation on its own.

McCloud River redband trout

California Heritage Trout Challenge

The McCloud River Redband trout caught, photoed, and released in its native range qualifies for the California Heritage Trout Challenge. The EcoAngler Report - McCloud Redband is an excellent tool to locate pure-strain redband which quality for the Challenge. (See sidebar for details.)

McCloud River Redband Trout underwater.

McCloud River Redband Historic Range

The McCloud River redband is restricted to several streams in the upper McCloud River basin and the McCloud River mainstream. A small tributary to the upper McCloud mainstem is Swamp Creek. This creek is one of only a small handful in the entire world that are inhabitated by native populations of McCloud River redband trout which have not encountered hatchery fish and later hybridization.

McCloud River red band trout