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On the Road to Warner Lakes Basin

The Modoc area is remote, primitive, and has a stark beauty. Here are just a few of the sights I encountered along the way.

Horse in stable

As you turn off the highway onto the forest service road, this guy (pictured above) serves as the official welcoming committee.

Mining Shack in Modoc National Forest

A few mining operations dot the terrain. This one warns of "blasting on top"... surprised that shack still stands.

hillside colored with sage and aspens

As you come over the crest, the landscape opens up wide and in the early fall you'll see this hillside burning with color.

creek holding Warner Lakes redband

The high meadow is dense with grass and sage, so locating this extremely small creek can be tricky. Look for edges of the darker exposed bank (as seen in the upper third of the above photo).

Aspen trees starting to change color

The aspens blanket the surrounding slopes. With the cooler weather, their leaves turn a bright yellow.

small pools holding Warner Lakes redband

As the above picture illustrates the habitat for the Warner Lakes redband doesn't look like much. If you are fortunate to make the journey here, keep a low profile - both in terms of your stance and your impact to the fragile creek these guys call home.