Goose Lake Redband Trout

Goose Lake Redband Trout Photographed Underwater.

The Goose Lake Redband trout displays distinctive bluish dots that can vary in size and cover the majority of the body. These dots will appear smaller below the lateral ine. Closer to the tail, the bluish dots follow a zigzag pattern. The signature red band runs along the lateral line of this trout. The background colors are a light gold on the side turning to a golden olive color on the fish's back. Numerous small black dots appear on the body of the fish above the lateral line as well.

Goose Lake Redband

The Goose Lake redband trout persist in the tributaries to Goose Lake and the lake itself when water levels are adequate to support these fish. Behnke suggests that Goose Lake redbands may be closely related to the redband of the Warner Basin in Southern Oregon. However, genetic research points to a closer connection to Sacramento River Coastal rainbow.

Goose Lake Redband caught on an Adams

California Heritage Trout Challenge

The Goose Lake redband trout caught, photoed, and released in its native range qualifies for the California Heritage Trout Challenge. What is the Goose Lake redband trout's native range? Send an email to the EcoAngler and I can recommend some waters to fish.

Goose Lake Redband are California Heritage Trout.

Goose Lake Redband Historic Range

In general, the range consists of the Goose Lake basin in California and Oregon and its tributaries, the upper Pit River and its headwater tributaries and the South Fork Pit River drainage. Important note: Trout caught from the Pit River system downstream of Bieber do not qualify as Goose Lake redband for the Challenge. Although redbands can grow to large size in Goose Lake, they are seldom caught there.